Nortech Marine Ltd

Waterjet Cutting

Nortech Marine has invested in a 'Flow IFB' abrasive waterjet machine, which is the most "green environmentally friendly" way of cutting Sheet materials.

Using a 1mm diameter jet of water pressurised to 60,000psi (4000bar), it is possible to cut sheet materials of a maximum size 3m x 2m and 150mm thick.

Every type of material can be cut including steel, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, stone , marble, glass etc. (The only material that has so far not been able to cut is toughened glass which is impossible to cut by any means).

Waterjet cutting has several advantages over conventional cutting methods, the main being that there is no 'heat affected' zone.

There are also no harmful by-products: the power source is electricity, and the 'consumables' are water and a crushed rock called garnet which is added to the water stream as a fine particles.

If you require us to cut something, we will need CAD-drawn files in the R12 DXF format. We can draw your design for you if you are unable to supply files in the required format.

Below are some examples of designs we have on file, along with some finished pieces. This is just to give you an idea of the kinds of designs possible, and is by no means all we can create.

If you would like to discuss any any the designs you see below, or have your own design please contact us to discuss your requirements.